Asthma Relief Without Medication: How I stopped using my inhaler to have freedom to breath again (using HeartMath Inner Balance)

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Let’s start with my experience using Asthma Inhalers

At the age of 33, I began to have daily issues with shortness of breath which resulted in heart flutters, chest pain, sleepless nights, and panic attacks in my sleep…. These were frightening experiences.

The doctors told me the only solution was to use Albuterol Inhalers for emergency breathing and Symbicort for daily use to relieve long-term asthma symptoms….There was NEVER a discussion about how to get rid of the issue without the use of medication!!

I was told I would be stuck in this place for the rest of my life, and that I needed these medications to make life more livable…..AND, I should expect these problems to get worse with time.

I was doomed to be a victim of this disease till I died!

I then took matters into my own hands

I began to calculate the cost of going to the doctor each month to renew my prescriptions, plus the cost of each monthly prescription, and with average medical insurance I was paying $90 a month or $1,080 a year…..That’s over $50,000 for the rest of my potential lifespan if medical costs don’t keep rising.

I then came to the conclusion that if I ever lost my job and medical insurance, I would be paying around $1,200 a month just to survive. That’s $14,400 a year or around $676,800 for a lifetime….


This put me on the journey to find real solutions to my problem that didn’t include being a slave to asthma and the high costs of medical help. I began looking for other natural means to end the physical, mental, emotional, and financial suffering I was living under.

What I discovered changed my life for the better

I learned about Homeopathy for asthma and the remedies that are available without medical prescription. What made a major difference for me was Antamonium Tartaricum. Just a few pellets of this over the counter remedy made my breathing much easier and the costs were significantly lower then the prescriptions I was taking.

Although, I continued to have my inhaler close by for emergencies, I quickly realized the need for it was growing less frequent!

This was EXCITING for me, but I was STILL dependent upon an outside remedy for breathing relief….

I thought about the reality that if I were ever to misplace my remedies, or be away from the country for a time without an extra supply, I would be in a very bad place…This made me look further for a solution that was not dependent on medicine or a remedy.

The solution came one day by accident

I was working on a method that helped with anxiety by having focused breathing…

As I was learning to take authority over my anxiety by breathing right, I noticed I had not been using my Homeopathy or my inhaler for several weeks!! This was the breakthrough I was longing for!!

I learned I was breathing wrong the whole time, and just needed a little guidance to do what my body naturally required.

It appeared breathing the proper way with measurable results (which are electronically estimated through the free app), gave my body the help that was needed to breath naturally without the assistance of medicine or a remedy.

When I discovered the HeartMath Inner Balance Lightning earpiece with the free app for my iPhone, my world changed forever!!!!



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